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Number 20 Is My Favourite 😉
1. What makes you happy in your life right now? 

When you ask a woman a question like this you can see where she is in her life at that very moment.You can also get some insight about her values, what she may be aspiring to be, and get to understand her goals. 
2. If you could predict the future how would you want it to look?

I love this question because this gives a woman an opportunity to indirectly mention her relationship goals. Also, it helps you to gage whether she is easy going or someone who likes to stick to scheduled or routines.
3. What is your biggest fear? 

Sometimes when you ask this question, it could come off as a joke. She might say she fears something like spiders, heights or dogs. If she does, take the time to ask her to be more in depth. What truly frightens her?
About The Author
Apollonia Ponti
Apollonia is a certified coach, speaker, expert that specializes in coaching men in dating and relationships for over 8 years.

She works with men to master their attraction skills and confidence in order to find the right partner or become an irresistible dater, deepen their current relationship, or get out of the friend-zone!

My dream is for people to be excited to wake up and confidently go after what frightens you, to date a healthy loving partner, and ultimately find the love everyone deserves!

Here's What Some Men Are Saying...
  • I’ve actually subscribed to a couple of relationship coaches prior to stumbling on you, but I must say your approach seems to be much more spot on and practical than I ever expected. Charles
  • This is need to know information that you share with us. Thank you and keep it coming, girl. Cheers. Roy
  • You really broke down things I've never been able to see. I paid thousands of dollars seeing a physiatrist and received more value then I have ever received before. Now I have the confidence of a champ and have women chasing me! Crazy! Michael
  • Apollonia,Interesting and insightful read! the commenter (Michael) is right. you’re like the Humble Tony Robbins in your expertise. Olu
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