The ONLY Dating Program Jam-Packed With ALL There Is To Know About ATTRACTION.
Learn The 6 Secrets To Become The Type of Man Women Find Attractive!
Our goal is to prepare you to be the ultimate driver in your life when it comes to women or your relationship
This is a 12-week coaching program of everything you need to know about attraction. 

From the first stage of attraction with a woman, first date, communication, mindset, intimacy, and relationship(s). 

Since this is a VIP course that you get private membership access to Apollonia's group and LIVE group coaching calls with this program we want serious inquiries only. 

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They have been lying to you about attraction. Almost everything you have believed about attracting women was based on the wrong info.

If you had trouble getting women to like you, this is your problem.

But now it's time to know the truth thanks to the Algorithm of Attraction.

But before we even get there, you must understand one important detail.

This will make what I'm about to say, likely to help you get any woman you want, make sense.
No One Chooses to Like Someone.

That's the simple, yet often forgotten truth about attraction.
No woman decides "I think this guy is cool, I must like him."

You just start feeling that warmth inside you, that thing that tells you that you must be in love.

Ever wonder why oftentimes women leave otherwise successful men to go out with guys who others might call different?

Those men learned how to speak the language of attraction that women understand.

And once a woman hear this language, they fall for the guy...
Regardless of looks.


Or success.

This is why what I'm about to show you is so important.

And I trust that you do not abuse it.

Let me repeat this because it's so important - attraction is not a choice.

So don't flirt with women you don't want to feel attracted to you.

Once you start putting out the sub-communications of attraction, which are in the Algorithm of Attraction, you can get women falling at your feet.

And there is one other thing that's on your side.

The Truth about How Women Fall in Love.

The way attraction works in a man is different from the way it does in a woman.

A man might look for visual cues. It might be her long pretty legs. Or her sparkling eyes. 
Or her body.

This is the way most men fall in love in the first place.

With a woman, on the other hand, it's completely different.
It's all emotional. It's all how you make her feel that matters.

It's not looks.
It's not money.

It's not success.

And this is a very good thing.

Because these feelings are things you can learn to bring out in her anytime you want.

This is the reason I keep saying don't bother getting a six pack if it's just to impress a girl. Or get into debt just to keep a really nice car.

She will still leave you if you don't know the Algorithm of Attraction the moment another man who does comes along.

This might all seem pretty far-fetched and too easy, especially if you have tried attracting women and it didn't work too well.
  • Perhaps you try so hard to get women to notice you, but they don't
  • Or you go on first dates, but they end so badly that you never get a second
  • Or you run out of things to say when with women
But trust me, it's all because you are not showing the attraction signals that tell her you are attractive, that she must kiss you, sleep with you, or even marry you.
Now, I know what you are asking!

"If learning about attraction is easy, why didn't I figure it out on my own."

The answer is simple - women don't think like men.
And yet, the mistake men make is to think that women are just like them.

This is the reason most men keep on barking up the wrong tree in the name of trying to get her to feel attracted to them.

If you have ever thought "I need a nice job," you were on the wrong path.

The only way to succeed at attraction is to learn it from a woman who has actually taken time to understand attraction.

And that's why I'm here.

I don't care how much you think you suck with women. 

Like I said, the stuff I'm about to teach you here work on any woman, they work when used by any man.

You just need to know how to use them.

How many women you liked have you seen end up with other men, even women who seemed interested in you?

We have to put those days behind you.

Your days of having entire romantic conversations with women you like only in your head are gone.

Because there is only one thing that matters...

What would you give to spend your life with a woman you truly like?

If you had to put that in $, what price would you be willing to pay to get your dream woman?

I would like to introduce you to my new program, the Algorithm of Attraction...

The ONLY Dating Program Jam-Packed With ALL There Is To Know About ATTRACTION.

1 Year VIP Membership After Graduation 

Direct Text Messaging With Apollonia & Group For 12 Weeks

All Apollonia's Digital Programs Included

VIP Facebook Community

12 Weeks Of Personalized Transformational Group Coaching 


Week 1: Awareness, Building Trust, and Identifying Habits of Self-Sabotage 

  • Looking at your habits and identifying the ways you don't trust yourself and self-sabotaging patterns you have in dating or relationship. 

Week 2: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs & Rejections. 

  • Uncovering your limiting beliefs holding you back from attracting your dream woman and moving into abundance. 

Week 3:  Values, Boundaries and Effective Communication 

  • Learn how to voice your values, communicate to have connection and attraction with a woman. 
  • ​Changing Your Programming To Your Negative Emotions 

Week 4: Approaching Women, Meeting Women In-Person & Online Dating Makeovers. 

  • Learn authentic approaching techniques for any situation! 
  • ​Online Dating Overhaul - Restructure your online dating profile with Apollonia and Coach Cynthia

Week 5: Releasing Shame and Stepping Into Leader of Men Mentality, and Masculine & Feminine Energies

  • Learn to lead a woman to open her up to be more attracted to you than ever and for you to feel confident in the way you lead the dating process! 
  • ​Leading the dating process with your masculine energy

Week 6: Achieving Emotional Mastery For Masculine Men. 

  •  Learn the story telling to build emotional connection 
  • ​How to regulate your emotions and overthinking and be more composed and grounded in your emotions with a woman.

Week 7: Keep The Conversations Going and Flirting Basics. 

  • Ways to keep the conversation going with a woman 
  • ​Flirting techniques any man can learn and will increase his chances of attraction and character building on a date

Week 8: Advance Flirting, Escalation, and Seduction. 

  • Learning sexual escalation and the process of seduction 
  • ​The right way to frame sexual conversations and hold space for the woman to feel safe with you. 
  • How to communicate with "Alpha" tendencies to get her more attracted to you. 

Week 9: The Female Mind of Attraction, Knowing Your Ideal Woman.  

  • 4 types of women you will come across in dating and knowing your ideal woman. 
  • ​What a high-value woman wants in dating and understanding her mind. 
  • Why she says "she wants a nice guy" but never wants a "nice guy"

Week 10: Mock Dates w/Women and Practice Sessions - First Dates & Connection

  • First date practices with women you don't know and get live feedback from the coaches after. Practice makes perfect! 

Week 11: Mock Dates w/ Women and Practice Sessions - Flirting & Escalation 

  • Practice flirting and escalation skills with women. 

Week 12: Always Staying Desirable - Sustainability, Personal Fashion, and Action Planning

  • Dating for a healthy and long-lasting partnership, building your brotherhood community, and Apollonia will personally advise every man with individual wardrobe makeovers. 

The Total Value of This 12-Week Transformative Program Is invaluable

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