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From: Apollonia Ponti
Coral Springs,FL

Hey Guys...

Did you know you can get a woman to like you within the first 30 seconds of meeting her just by the way you approach her?

Do you ever wonder why there's one particular guy who can walk up to any woman, strike up a conversation then minutes later she's laughing like she had known him for weeks now...

Let me know if this happened to you...
  • You’re ready to do it… but as you’re about to move towards her, you just couldn’t. There was just ‘something’ stopping you. And when you’ve finally gathered enough courage to do it, she’s gone.
  • ​ You try to act all super-cool, hoping she’ll notice and come talk to you, but she never comes…
  • You saw a girl you like, you’re going to approach her; when it’s go time, you suddenly think of reasons NOT to approach her... thoughts like, "my hair’s not right, I’m not looking my best today, she's probably taken..." or "she probably wouldn't be interested in me..."
  • ​You really want to talk to her, but have absolutely no idea "what to say" and don't want to creep her out or make a fool of yourself in public…
  • ​You finally sum up the courage to approach her, but couldn't find the words to say what you really wanted...and made a total fool of yourself.
  • ​The conversation was going so good then all of a sudden she's not interested in you anymore...leaving you thinking, "what did I do wrong?"

How do I know?

Because I’ve been approached by so many men (and I'm not saying that to brag).

But I've also coached thousands of men who've been in the same situations as you.

Here's the secret guys... it's not about memorizing pickup lines or winging the approach that's going to make women interested and excited to talk to you.

Women want you to approach them, but it's how you do it.

I see so many men keep repeating the same mistakes and getting rejected by women that they could easily sweep off their feet...only if they knew the correct way to approach.

Over the years of working with men from all over the world to overcome approach anxiety, develop the confidence to talk to any women at any given time...

And also as a woman that is being approached by different types of men.  

I've found there's a common factor among men who are very successful at approaching and picking up women...

And I've spent the last 6 months compiling the best strategies and techniques in this program that will help you to become a master at approaching and meeting women with ease... 

"It's Now Your Turn!"
If you're ready to finally kiss your fears of walking up to women goodbye --- and give yourself the priceless skill of being able to approach any woman in any situation... spark her attraction for you INSTANTLY...
Here's What You'll Learn:

Inside How To Approach With Humanity Course You'll Find A 10 Part Audio Program Along With Videos, PDF's, Conversation Cheat Sheets And Activities That Gives You Practical Guidance To Be Successful When Approaching  Women. 

Part 1:
Preparation & Friends 

  • Learn how to utilize the help of a wing man to make your approach smooth and easier.
  • ​Discover specific exercises that you can use to reduce anxiety before you approch women!
  •  How to effectively approach and open up groups of women who looks "off limits" and have THEM ask YOU to join in and "roll" with them.

Part 2:
The Good Looking Guy (but every guy should read this)  

  • Find out the definition of the "good looking guy" and how to use it to your advantage.
  • ​Learn how to let go of your ego so that you can attract the woman you desire.
  • ​Cultivate the personality that women finds attractive!

Part 3:
Warm-Ups & Openings 

  • ​Warm up tips and conversation openers to keep you on top of your game!
  • ​Learn how to approach women in different environments without getting turned down
  • ​Learn how to control the conversation to your desired outcome.
  • ​Discover how to master your body language and ways to dress that gets her attention.

Part 4:
How To Make Eye Contact & Smile

  • Learn the do's and don'ts when approaching a woman.
  • Techniques to create more attractive and friendly smile.
  • ​Learn the proper way to make eye contact with a woman so she knows you're into her.

Part 5:
Let Your Presence Be Known 

  • Learn the golden rule when approaching and talking to women.
  • ​Understand that timing matters and how it can make or break your interaction with women.
  • ​Learn how to be vulnerable and what to do in cases where you feel you've messed up!

If you love what you're seeing so far and you want to take action Now...

If not, continue to read below to see some more awesome stuff that you'll learn in this course...

Part 6:
Why The Shit Test, Respond & Pass

  • Learn the things to not do when a girl shit test you and how to respond.
  • ​Understand why women shit test you and how to pass her test easily!
  • ​Examples of ways to shift the conversation in a positive direction and get her to loosen up.

Part 7:
AWARENESS, Reactive vs. Aware

  •  Learn social cues and body language responses to have better interaction with women.
  • ​Examples of ways that you can start your sentence when talking to a woman and trying to have more of a conversation with her. 

Part 8:
Understanding The Different Type of Approaches 

  • Learn the difference in cold, warm and hot approaches.
  • ​How to make any conversation 'interesting' enough & keep it going in order ignite the inner attraction within her
  • ​A smooth way to approach women who are already with other guys without creating any uncomfortable vibes within the group

Part 9:
The Beta & Alpha Mindsets 

  • Learn how these mindsets work in approach and how it’s important that you have both of these mentalities!.
  • ​You will know when to implement these mindsets and when you should not! 

Part 10:
Building Comfort, Escalation, Sexual Framing, and Phone Number Exchange

  • Learn the different ways to flirt with women and build comfort.
  • ​How to escalate with her without coming off as pushy. 
  • ​A smooth way to create instant attraction and be able to go in for the phone number exchange! 

If You Are Tired Of Getting Cold Feet Or Rejected When Approaching Women...

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Hear What Other Men Are Saying About The How To Approach Program...
I've worked with plenty of coaches in the past. I can tell you that this young woman Apollonia really knows her stuff. She helped me identify where I was lacking and gave me the tools to get the confidence I knew I had in me all along. Thank you!
-Joseph, Ohio
I was terrified when it came to approaching and meeting women. This audio seminar clarifies everything from the first time you reach out to approach, how to look, conversations to have, and how to take things to the next level. 
Tony, NJ

So, what happens after I purchase this product ?

You will receive immediate access to the audio, videos and worksheets that are waiting for you in the private member area. 

You will have a login and password every time you login from you laptop, Ipad, or mobile phone. Your login information will be sent to the email address you provided.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes... this product has a 30 day guarantee. If you aren't happy then you can email us at for a free refund. 

I don't think it will come to that as I have very little returns for my products. But if you're worried that it won't work but dedicated to putting in the work then you will get results. 

If you are someone who I mentioned about the product not being for you then please don't invest if looking a free product.

What’s next?

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You'll simply type in your details, click the button that says "Complete Order," and be taken to our private Members Page.

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I firmly believe that you're going to look back at this decision today as one of the most important and life-changing decisions you've ever made.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What makes ''How To Approach With Humanity'' different from other products?

This program is nothing like other pick up products in the market. I wanted to create something different. And this will be a game changer! This program is REAL and there's no manipulation techniques involved.

2. Is this generic advice on "how to approach women" with slick pick up lines? 

No! I’m going to give you exactly what women want. You will see a lot of substance in this and also techniques, but techniques that will be driven from authenticity. 

3. How do I join the Facebook group?

Our team will send you an automated email to join our facebook group once you purchase. You will be asked a couple questions before enrolling and you will become a private member of our facebook group!  

4. Does this work for older guys? 

YES! I have coached men from 18-69. Also, have coached men from all over the world and in different cultures. These video series can be adjusted to age and culture. This audio and video series is for every man. As you know I always put a classy touch to all my products.

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