Dating Coach Shares How to Overcome Neediness, Attachments, and Insecurities!
Dating Coach Shares How to Overcome Neediness, Attachments, and Insecurities!
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NOW $47
It's time to let go of the things that are setting you back! If you are feeling stuck right now because of recent heartache or not feeling guided on why you get so attached in your relationships and with women, then this product is for you! 
Here's the truth: 
Women do not want an insecure or needy man! 
Here's Why...
It's an attraction killer!

It shows a lack of respect for yourself which kills attraction. 

Women feel suffocated in the relationship instead of liberated!

Shows no sense of identity and purpose. 
Shows instability and uncertainty. 
Shows a lack of self-confidence.

Shows immaturity and a lack of personal growth. 

Does not sexually intrigue a woman to be with you physically.

>Do you feel as though you seek happiness in others to be complete within? 

>You continue to push women away, and you are disappointed in your dating life. 

>You're emotionally dependent on other people besides yourself. 

>You tend to obsess over a woman after you date her. 

>Do you come off too available by calling all the time, overly texting, and always waiting on the woman for you to make plans? 

>Do you seek approval & validation from women? 

>Do you have a hard time being assertive? 

>Are you overbearing because you're scared of losing her? 

>Do you not know how to have the right conversations without sounding desperate?
  • 1-Hour audio seminar w/ Apollonia. 
  • Unlimited lifetime access. 
  • Workbook and activities to put into work NOW. 
  • A clear understanding of how to make a lasting change! 
Do You Want To Start Feeling In Control With The Women You Date? 
attachments lead to suffering and you can take control now! 
Regularly $129
In This Audio Seminar You'll Learn..
  • How to show love when it counts. 
  •  How to attract a woman by your independence. 
  •  Understanding where this started and detaching from insecurities. 
  •  Identifying your attachment style
  •  Setting new goals for yourself to release attachments.
  •  What not to do when it comes to your insecurities and neediness. 
  •  Controlling your mindset.
  •  How to have balance with yourself and your relationships.
  •  Why women disappear if you become needy towards them.
  •  How to communicate effectively instead of coming off needy. 
  •  So much more...
    Here's What Some Other Men Are Saying..
    I've gotta say Apollonia. I was always sceptical of hiring a coach so I started with this audio product. You have exceeded my expecations. Us men are lucky to have you. I was able to identify where these behaviors came from and got the woman of my dreams. It's like a weight was lifted when I studied this seminar.
    Jeremy- NYC 34
    You really broke down things I've never been able to see. I paid thousands of dollars seeing a physiatrist and received more value then I have ever received before. Now I have the confidence of a champ and have women chasing me! Crazy! 
    Michael - Australia 48
    This Seminar Is NOT For You If...
    • You want a quick fix.
    • Will not put in the work to create healthy habits. 
    • Cannot make time for yourself. At least 30 minutes a day.
    • Want to continue to push women away.
    • Can't be honest about what's happening in your life now.
    • Don't want to take control of your life to be happy from the inside out. 
    This product is well over 30 days of coaching with me! 
    You'd actually be crazy not to do it!  ;)
    YOUR POSSIBILITIES are endless!
    Regularly $97  
    So, what happens?
    You listen to the hour seminar and follow along with your worksheets or by taking notes. In your workbook, I have outlined all the actions steps I've talked about for each phase. As time goes on, I instruct you on how to explore your emotions on a deeper level and finally resolve what's going on. 
    How do I control my mindset?
    I give you proven techniques that worked for myself and several clients when it comes to controlling your mindset and taking complete ownership of your dependence step by step. 
    What you give me...
    A commitment to become a better version of yourself! 
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