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2 Payment of $250/ Week
What's Included:
  • Authentic Attraction Bootcamp : 1- Full day interactive workshop to help you attract the woman of your dreams 
  • Food & Beverages:  Coffee, tea, snacks, and lunch will be provided. 
  • Hands on approach: Step by step processes to help you implement and start using these techniques immediately. Women will be at the workshop besides Apollonia giving you the truth! 
  • Meet & Greet: Work with Apollonia one on one and get on the spot feedback when talking to other women at the workshop.
  • Community: Meet likeminded men just like you! 
Meeting Apollonia face to face was nerve recking for me since I was never good with women. Her bootcamps are no joke! I was able to practice and get clarity. She literally explains the mind of woman. When a man has this he masters women! I went from have 0 women to now dating several and finding one I really like. Thank you Apollonia. 
Leo 48, Miami
Apollonia helped me get my girlfriend of 3 years back, I was overbearing, texting her nonstop, clingy, and just overall too aggressive. My girlfriend told me she needed a break. She told me the steps to get her back and taught me how to speak to her when to speak to her. When to text her, how often to text her, the length of the texts. These things she has taught me have stuck with me. A life-changing coach, therapist or whatever you want to refer to her as. She is not a typical person in this field trying to take your money. She wants you to succeed and takes pride in your successes. Thank you Apollonia for helping me get the love of my life back. .
Frank 29, NYC

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