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This is a 6 module coaching program of everything you need to know about attraction. 
From the first stage of attraction with a woman, first date, communication, mindset, intimacy, and relationship(s). 

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They have been lying to you about attraction. Almost everything you have believed about attracting women was based on the wrong info. 
If you had trouble getting women to like you, this is your problem.

But now it's time to know the truth thanks to the Algorithm of Attraction.

But before we even get there, you must understand one important detail. 

This will make what I'm about to say, likely to help you get any woman you want, make sense.

No One Chooses to Like Someone.

That's the simple, yet often forgotten truth about attraction.

No woman decides "I think this guy is cool, I must like him."

You just start feeling that warmth inside you, that thing that tells you that you must be in love.

Ever wonder why oftentimes women leave otherwise successful men to go out with guys who others might call different?

Those men learned how to speak the language of attraction that women understand. 
And once a woman hear this language, they fall for the guy...

Regardless of looks. 


Or success.

This is why what I'm about to show you is so important.

And I trust that you do not abuse it.

Let me repeat this because it's so important - attraction is not a choice
So don't flirt with women you don't want to feel attracted to you.

Once you start putting out the sub-communications of attraction, which are in the Algorithm of Attraction, you can get women falling at your feet.

And there is one other thing that's on your side.

The Truth about How Women Fall in Love.

The way attraction works in a man is different from the way it does in a woman.

A man might look for visual cues. It might be her long pretty legs. Or her sparkling eyes. 
Or her body.

This is the way most men fall in love in the first place.

With a woman, on the other hand, it's completely different. 

It's all emotional. It's all how you make her feel that matters.

It's not looks.
It's not money.

It's not success.

And this is a very good thing.

Because these feelings are things you can learn to bring out in her anytime you want.

This is the reason I keep saying don't bother getting a six pack if it's just to impress a girl. Or get into debt just to keep a really nice car.

She will still leave you if you don't know the Algorithm of Attraction the moment another man who does comes along.

This might all seem pretty far-fetched and too easy, especially if you have tried attracting women and it didn't work too well.

* Perhaps you try so hard to get women to notice you, but they don't

* Or you go on first dates, but they end so badly that you never get a second

* Or you run out of things to say when with women

But trust me, it's all because you are not showing the attraction signals that tell her you are attractive, that she must kiss you, sleep with you, or even marry you.

Now, I know what you are asking!

"If learning about attraction is easy, why didn't I figure it out on my own."

The answer is simple - women don't think like men.

And yet, the mistake men make is to think that women are just like them.

This is the reason most men keep on barking up the wrong tree in the name of trying to get her to feel attracted to them.

If you have ever thought "I need a nice job," you were on the wrong path.

The only way to succeed at attraction is to learn it from a woman who has actually taken time to understand attraction.

And that's why I'm here.

I don't care how much you think you suck with women. 

Like I said, the stuff I'm about to teach you here work on any woman, they work when used by any man.

You just need to know how to use them.

How many women you liked have you seen end up with other men, even women who seemed interested in you?

We have to put those days behind you.

Your days of having entire romantic conversations with women you like only in your head are gone.

Because there is only one thing that matters...

What would you give to spend your life with a woman you truly like?

If you had to put that in $, what price would you be willing to pay to get your dream woman?

I would like to introduce you to my new program, the Algorithm of Attraction...

In This Transformative Program, You Will Learn About Each Stage Of Attraction That Gets Women To Feel Connected With You Emotionally, Physically, And Mentally...
In This Transformative Program, You Will Learn About Each Stage Of Attraction That Gets Women To Feel Connected With You Emotionally, Physically, And Mentally...
  • Discover what attraction really is so you stop wasting time on things that don't matter
  • ​Learn the conversation tactics and skills that get her to desire YOU! 
  • Learn the proper way to use body language to create irresistible desire for you
  • ​Discover how to connect so she instantly registers that you are the one for her 
  • ​Get conversation tactics to save you from looking like a fool when you feel stuck
  • ​Texting and phone calls (1st stage of attraction) discover how to not mess up your chances with this 
  • ​Master the after date responses and follow-up responses 
  • ​Identifying self-respect & your beliefs
module (2): STAGE 2 OF ATTRACTION 
  • Discover the way of the masculine man
  • ​Learn how to pass the shit test and what to do after.
  • ​Discover the 5 principle categories to establishing boundaries early on in the relationship and how to keep them.
  • ​Being on your purpose (learn what is interdependence in relationships)
  • ​Letting go of the Mask (authentic energy) 
  • ​Learn how to form healthy bonds in relationships with yourself and others 
  • Learn how to create safety and how that benefits your relationship
  • ​Discover what is the "EPIC EFFECT" and how to use it for your advantage 
  • ​Providing leadership aka structure that maintains positive results
  • ​How to create a balance in your communication (assertive vs. aggressive)
  • ​How to challenge a woman the right way
  • ​Understand masculinity in your body language
  • ​Learn the art of flirtation and how to keep the spark alive in your relationship
  • Discover why women are atttracted to "Bad Boys"
  • ​Learn the 4 different types of women and how to deal with them  
  • ​Discover the traits of a high-quality woman
  • ​Learn to understand when she says, "I just want a nice guy"
  • ​Understand what attraction really means to a woman
  • Understand reality vs. fantasy mindset plus how reality vs. fantasy happens  
  • ​Discover what is lust & infatuation and love & compatibility   
  • ​Learn how to avoid the common escalation mistakes that most men make that kills attraction
  • ​Learn how to flirt on command while dosing her with fun and sexuality
  • ​Let’s talk about sex baby! (The common sexual issues) 
  • ​Why you may lose your erection and how to stop this at once * (ending premature ejaculation) 
module (6): BECOMING HER KING 
  • Discover how to Overcome Limiting Beliefs that might keep you from getting women attracted to you 
  • ​Identify threats that make you become avoidant (this keeps women away) 
  • ​How to Defeat the Fear of getting hurt and opening up 
  • ​How to Become the High-Value Man She Wants! 
  • ​Understand why it’s not in what you do but how you Emotionally Show Up!
  • U​nderstanding the good, bad, and the boogie. 
  • ​Learn how to set goals and standards for yourself and in the realtionship
Includes 24 bonuses 
**value $12,230**
Includes 24 bonuses **value $12,230**
  • Texting Timeline Breakdown Guideline ($47 Value)
  • Live footage of Apollonia critiquing common dating mistakes (LIVE DATES) ($147 Value)
  • ​Tapping w/Apollonia for Confidence Video ($97 Value)
  • Breathwork basics for calming your nerves and to help with overthinking ($47 Value)
  • ​3 Mock dates with Apollonia and Men (Over 3 Hours) ($247 Value)
  • ​5 Recorded Group Coaching Calls ($2,497 Value)
  • ​Communication Scripts for you to use to communicate to women and state your desires ($47 Value)
  • ​Facial Expression and Tonality Video ($77 Value)
  • 45 Minute Interview w/7 Other women discussing attraction ($187 Value)
  • ​The Seduction Map - Your map to seducing women ($47 Value)
  • Video on the right masturbation techniques, how to last longer in bed, and how to end premature ejaculation ($147 Value)
  • ​Performance meditation (audio) ($69 Value)
  • ​Daily emotional processing tool ($47 Value)
  • ​Standard and Value worksheets ($66 Value)
  • ​Limiting Belief Work ($47 Value)
  • ​LIVE MOCK Dates with 3 women and men (recorded) ($344 Value)
  • ​Lifetime Access to the members portal (FB coaching monthly) ($1097 Value)
  • ​6  Hours of Group Coaching Sessions with Apollonia! ($2997 Value)
  • ​FB GROUP Lifetime member (coaching call once a month) ($1497 Value)
  • ​Over 50 + pages of worksheets to identify your limiting beliefs ($220 Value)
  • ​3 step formula to overcoming the shit test (including scripts) ($77 Value)
  • ​Goal Setting Material ($88 Value)
  • ​21 Mistakes MEN CANNOT MAKE! ($97 Value)


Join The Algorithm Of Attraction Today and I'll Add These 3 SPECIAL BONUSES FOR YOU!!!

  • SPECIAL BONUS #1: 1 Year Weekly Group Coaching Session ($2,985 Value)
  • SPECIAL BONUS #2: Free Access for 1 Year to Apollonia Ponti Private Membership Area & Exclusive Programs($1164 Value)
  • SPECIAL BONUS #3: Private Facebook Community With Like-Minded Men (1,497 value)

The Total Value of This 6-Week Transformative Program Is $12,230 (including bonuses) For ONLY a small investment!

The Total Value of This 6 Modules Transformative Program Is $12,230 (including bonuses) For ONLY a small investment!

Total Value $12,230


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