There is one type of guy who could easily steal your girl...
...and wipe the fact that you ever existed clean out of her mind.

He isn't the one with the best jokes.

He doesn't have muscles like John Cena.

And he might not even have the looks or the money.

But he is a master at something almost all men deliberately put at the bottom of their love to-do list.

You have seen a girl you like that you're now missing deadlines because all you do is think of her. 

You are reluctant to make a move. You don't want to mess it up despite all the rehearsing you’ve done in your head.

Or perhaps you already have no problem walking up to women. 

You are an expert at getting the number. And the first date.

But it never goes beyond that. She starts telling you she's busy. 

But you know she's only politely avoiding you. Or maybe you are already in a relationship. 

But the spark that brought you together has fizzled out. You are having unnecessary fights. 

She has even suggested you take a break.

Do you know that all these problems come down to one simple thing you are probably ignoring? Emotions.

Trust me, only men who have mastered their emotions excel with women.

I know you have read articles on how to approach women.

You have leaned in when your friends were throwing tips on how to be successful with women.

But here is the shocking part.

Your quick lessons could be what's causing your troubles with girls.

It's not just about bundling your courage and going for it.
That might get you a date. Get you laid. It might have her calling you "babe."

But it doesn't mean she’ll feel you are the one she's been waiting for.

And that's because in every encounter between a man and a woman, there are unspoken and unseen emotions at play...

...which you can't learn just by watching your best buddy walk to a woman and turn her own.

Boys Never Cry. Men Do

If there is one statement I think should be banned, then it's this: "Men Don't Cry."

This simple statement is responsible for all the wrong notions men drag into what would be otherwise great-relationships.

When a man is hurt by a girl, he usually promises himself to never feel so terrible again. So he will put on armor and pick up weapons.
The more disappointments he faces, the more war-like mindset he will adopt towards romance.
And when he meets somebody new, he will pull out a dirty nasty lens and examine the relationship under it.

This means not seeing the beauty before him.

It means not making himself available to the woman.

It means depriving her of the affection she hoped for.

It means being there physically but not emotionally.

It means never establishing that special connection with her.

And here is a secret most women Never Tell You

We are really good at sensing a man who is afraid of coming out of his shell. A man who isn't in control of his emotions. 

A man so afraid that he can't take off armor even with the person he claims to love.
If you are that type of a man, know this:

  • You’ll seem difficult to trust
  • ​The relationship will become emotionally draining for the woman
  • ​And she might conclude that you are not the one

If you aren't in control of your emotions, you surely end up seeing the girl you love in the hands of another man who’s got it together. 

The moment you start to learn to manage your emotions, not only will you become super attractive, but you will actually enjoy the relationship.

But There Is Another Benefit That’s 
Just as Priceless

Approaching women will become easy. No speeding heart. No sweaty hands. And no stammering. 

You will always be able to FEEL calm, confident, and full of purpose when around women.

And guess what, controlling your emotions will help you in other aspects of life, like in interviews, meetings, and any other stressful situations that come up.

How to Be the Master and Not Let Emotions 
Play You Like a Puppet

Regardless of how much you try, you can't keep your emotions shut.
And you can't ignore them.
So the only best course of action is to learn to control them.

Or they will control you, sabotaging your relationships and pushing away women you actually like.

Your map on how you act when around women has been misleading.

It's time to rewrite it. It’s time to change your life. It's time to let women see how amazing you are.

It's why we are giving you the "How to Control Your Emotions" program.

  • You will know when you are engaging in behaviors that could spell doom to your love life
  • ​Be able to quickly calm yourself when anxious
  • ​Discover terrible beliefs your mind is hiding from you (which are making you seem unattractive)
  • ​Learn how your past could be the reason you can't make women fall for you
  • ​Feel confident about yourself and not let your insecurities keep you from the women you like
  • ​Feel confident about yourself and not let your insecurities keep you from the women you like
  • ​Learn to realize when you are being run by your emotions
  • ​Show your girl how emotionally-intelligent you are (this is the key to a long-lasting and happy relationship)
  • ​Make women feel safe when with you

We are throwing in 6 BONUSES bringing the total value of what you are getting to $699.
But that is not what you will pay. Today only, you


Most men aren't even aware when their emotions take over. They always find something or someone to blame.
This is why I decided a course dedicated on the topic of emotions is a good idea.

I believe this is a lesson you should have learned years ago. Way before you had your first girlfriend.

But it isn't too late. It doesn't matter how many girls you liked that you lost because of being emotionally-incompetent.

After this course, you will be able to guide your love life and not let things happen to you.

Trust me, you can’t make it just by faking it. Don't expect your girl to linger. Because the truth is she won't be satisfied.

She may not say it - but you will always see the signs.

Emotional Mastery For Masculine Men

How To Master Your Emotions And Develop Your Masculine Edge

Part #1: The Relationship With Emotions

  • The truth about human emotions
  • Your ego
  • Survival mechanisms
  • What is emotional regulation
  • Brain vs. Mind
  • Women turn-ons & turn-offs about a man's emotions 

Part #2: Impacts On Your Emotions (Helpful vs. Harmful) 

  • Survival Mechanisms and Emotions
  • Substance Abuse
  • Surface level addictions
  • Pornography
  • Sleep Vs. No Sleep
  • Healthy Diet vs. Unhealthy Diet
  • Using words that influence your emotions
  • How breathing affects your emotions
  • How friendships and relationships can affect your emotions
  • Lack of relationship to self 

Part #3: Rooted Emotions 

  • Anxiousness/Anxiety
  • Fear = Limiting Beliefs
  • Insecurities → Triggers of worthiness and I’m enough
  • Resentment and Betrayal
  • Trauma Influences Our Emotions 

Part #4: Masculine Vulnerability

  • Why do women & life get better with this
  • The right kind of vulnerability vs. The wrong vulnerability
  • Vulnerability practices

Part #5: Controlling Your Emotions

  • Navigating emotions to guide you / how emotions can guide you in the right direction(book)
  • I’m not enough
  • Being defensive
  • Procrastination
  • Stress, worry, and overthinking
  • ​Caring what people think
  • ​Resentment
  • ​Jealousy

Part #6: Changing Your Programming With Emotions 

  • Behavior
  • Environment
  • Friendships/Family
  • Mind experiencing more positive emotions
  • Letting go of emotions (The “Why”)
  • Perception
  • ​Forgiveness
  • ​Grounding
  • ​Respond vs. React
  • ​Breathwork

Part #7: Routine

  • The 5 R’s → Root → Recognize → Resolving → Regulating –Routine
  • Awareness: Perception + Identify Your Line + Repetition = Stable Emotions

Mind you: These lessons aren't available anywhere else on our website. And you will not find them on our YouTube channel. So it's best that you take action right now.

Get the “How to Control Your Emotions” Program Today

And You’ll Also Get These (6) FREE BONUSES Worth $552

BONUS #1: Breathwork Tutorial (Value: $47)


  • Get better at processing emotions
  • ​Heal emotional pain and trauma (key if the past keeps messing up your current relationships)
  • ​Improve your personal and professional relationships

Bonus #2: Breath Focus and Body Scan Tutorial (Value: $34)


  • Increase self-awareness so you can realize before emotions take over
  • ​Improve your sleep (which can help if you are depressed) 
  • ​Lower stress and fight fatigue which will in turn release negative thoughts

Bonus #3: Alternate Nostril Breathing (Value: $34)


  • Lower your heart-rate and curb signs of anxiety
  • ​Reduce your stress levels 
  • ​Promote overall health and well-being

Bonus #4: Abdominal Breathing Tutorial
(Value: $47)


  • Instantly relax your muscles and release tension
  • ​Increase blood and oxygen supply to the brain so you don't lose your head 
  • ​Increase your energy for better performance

Bonus #5: Guided Meditation(Value: $67)


  • Discover the right way to meditate even if you have never done it before
  • ​Feel calm and centered quickly
  • ​Make meditating a part of your life - this will help you in your interaction with women.

Bonus #6: Interactive Worksheets (Value $97)


  • Learn how to eliminate limiting beliefs and negative thinking.
  • ​Change your thought patterns  and start attracting high quality women in your life. 
  • ​Step-by-step guidance to help you get the most out of this programn.

Total Value: $699

If You Enroll TODAY, Your Investment is ONLY $147

Men Who Are Now In Control...

~ Josh

...and now, it’s your turn.
Your turn to experience what it truely feels to be in total control of your it feels to have countless women desire you and the confidence to go after everything you want in life.

How does that sound to you?

Pretty awesome right?

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Something Important to Think about Before You Go

The fact that you have found someone you like is alone proof that you have emotions rumbling deep in your heart.

Would it not be wise then to be sure that you are in control of what's going on?

Ask yourself this:

How would I feel if this girl would give me her number but never call me?

How would I feel if she would go on the first date but then tell me she is no longer interested in me?

If you know you wouldn't like the feeling, it's best that you cover all the bases now - not just focusing on how to approach or be good in bed.

You should be sure that she finds you charming, attractive, and fun. 

You don't want her looking at you and thinking "there is better fish in the sea."

Learning to control your emotions is the first step to the LOVE LIFE you desire. And with this course:

  • You will be confident around her
  • ​You will have a better chance of connecting with her without trying too hard
  • ​You will prove to her that you understand her (and you are interested in her)
  • ​You will increase chances of making the relationship stronger
  • ​You will create instant trust

This is your opportunity. And it's right at your fingertips. But it's up to you to take it or leave it.
For so long, your emotions have been dictating how you run your relationships. Now it's time for you to be in charge.

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Yes... this product has a 30 day guarantee. 

If you aren't happy then you can email us at for a free refund.

I don't think it will come to that as I have very little returns for my products. 

But if you're worried that it won't work but dedicated to putting in the work then you will get results. 

So what are you waiting for? 

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I firmly believe that you're going to look back at this decision today as one of the most important and life-changing decisions you've ever made.

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  • Part I: The Relationship With Emotions
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  • ​Part III: Rooted Emotions 
  • ​Part IV: Masculine Vulnerability 
  • Part V: Controlling Your Emotions 
  • ​Part VI: Changing Your Programming With Emotions
  • Part VII: Routine 
  • BONUS #1: Breath Work Tutorials (Value $77)
  • ​BONUS #2: Breath Focus & Body Scan Tutorial (Value $67)
  • ​BONUS #3: Alternate Nostril Breathing (Value $47)
  • ​BONUS #4: Abdominal Breathing Tutorial (Value $47)
  • ​BONUS #5: Guided Meditation (Value $67)
  • EXTRA BONUS: Interactive Worksheets on how to eliminate limiting beliefs and negative thinking. (Value=$97)
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Thanks Apollonia I found this really useful and identified a few key points that I will be working on . No doubt this is more than useful :) Keep up the great work! 
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